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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Noida Authority: Build the House to Avoid Plot Confiscation

According to the new bylaws passed in the Noida authorities’ board meeting, the plot owners in the city are in a situation where they should either build a house in their land within 2 years or lose their plot allotment.

In Noida, there are plots which remain vacant for decades and the concerned authorities are aimed at getting rid of the encroachments in these vacant lands. Rama Raman, the chairman and CEO of New Okhla Industrial Development Authority said that there are many complaints regarding the plots that remain as shambles with minimal construction for years. These lands are reportedly being misused for unauthorized purposes. This may encourage criminal activities in the locality and thus the new amendment was proposed in the board meeting. As per the new bylaw, the landowners should construct the building on 100 per cent area of the allowed Floor Area Ratio instead of the 50% FAR allowed till now. This new change is applicable only for the residential plots in the Noida area and it should be executed within 2 years of time. He also mentioned that the old allottees will be served with a notice to complete the construction within 1 year, failing of which the lease deed will be cancelled and the plots will be confiscated.

Sources said that till 2011, the property owners were allowed to apply for completion certificates even for the construction of 25 per cent FAR in the vacant land. The authorities used to penalize the owners if the construction was not complete within the prescribed time but the owners get extension by paying penalty. To avoid such plot misuse, the amendment was proposed and there will be a survey conducted in Noida to identify such vacant plots.

The Noida authorities believe that this new bylaw will be a stringent action against the encroachers and will eventually eradicate vacant land encroachment in the city.

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